Who are
di Yacht Charter?

di Yacht Charter - Matt & Lizzie Abbiss

About us

di Yacht Charter was founded by Matt and Liz Abbiss in 1998 to manage and sell the bookings on our Sigma 33 cruiser racer called Disco Inferno (yep thats where the D.I. bit of di Yacht Charter comes from). On this boat we offered mostly race charter and Yacht Master exam prep courses. In 2001 we took this boat across to the Caribbean with the ARC transatlantic. In 2002 we traded up to a Beneteau First 47.7, Disco Inferno 2, on which we continued to offer the highest quality yacht racing charters but instead of training we now offered crewed cruising charter too. Over the next 7 years we followed the well trodden path spending winters in the Caribbean , peak summer in the UK and the Mediterranean in September & October before heading across the Atlantic each year with the ARC. In 2007 we moved up again onto the new CNB Bordeaux 60 called Disco Inferno 3, based in the Mediterranean we cruised areas from Croatia to Saint Tropez, including many areas of Italy (Venice, Capri, Amalfi, Rome etc), Sardinia, Corsica, Malta, and the Balearics. These yachts were often fully booked and rather than just say no we would always recommend clients to other boats and arrange the bookings, I guess this is where the charter brokerage really started to take off and we haven't looked back.

What We Offer

At di Yacht Charter we're offering you the chance to have an amazing yacht charter holiday on a range of yachts all over the world but specialise in what we know best, luxury crewed charter on boats from 50 to 100 feet. Our knowledge and experience of the charter business will allow us to give you the very best advice when it comes to the choice of yacht, cruising area, how to get there and what time of year to go. We'll be with you every step of the way, from your first contact with us through to the start of your charter. We'll talk you through the booking process, arrange an itinerary with you, help you find suitable flights, get the transfers organised and go through the most important part, the preference sheet. We also have a huge range of experience in organising and running regatta charters on every kind of yacht from the full-on carbon race rockets to cruiser racers and one design boats, if you are interested in something like Antigua Race Week, Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez or Cowes Week then we can find you the yacht, help with the entry, berthing, accommodation, crew clothing and travel. Whatever you want to do and wherever you want to do it, we can help.

Why Us

Who better to advise you on a potential cruise or regatta than a professional who has extensively sailed the area in question on the type of yachts being offered. Many traditional yacht charter brokers aren't really interested in this size boat, they want the big bucks charters on the 50/80/100m power boats that charter for hundreds of thousands of euros per week. Sadly for you, the client, this means they aren't willing to really do anything for you apart from sell you the charter and once the contract is signed you'll be lucky to hear from them again, if you have any questions you may simply get referred to the captain or to the terms of the contract. Rest assured with us you won't get fobbed off, client contact is the broker's job right up to the day of embarkation, we know it and we will be there for you. As a crew the most common complaints we had from guests when they arrive is that they didn't get enough information or guidance from the broker and this is something we are determined will not happen to any of our clients that we act for as broker.

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